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Trash Trailers

Energy Waste Rentals has over 150 identical trash trailers in their fleet. All trash trailers are completely enclosed with expandable metal to keep trash from blowing out on location or during transport. All trash trailers are inspected and maintenance is performed on a regular basis. For safety issues, all have required safety chains and lights. All drivers carry a set of temporary lights should lights malfunction. Pre-transportation check is done before transporting to or from site location. All trash is manifested and disposed of at TCEQ approved disposal facilities. All trash trailers are pressure washed at Energy Waste rack after trash disposal before going back on location.

Trash Trailer Rental


Give us a Call at 361.275.2220 to arrange delivery of a Trash Trailer to your site location.


Volume Discounts on Trash Trailer rentals are available!


About Energy Waste Rentals and Service

Energy Waste Rentals primary focus is equipment rentals to the Eagleford Shale area in Texas and the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania.



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Energy Waste Rentals | Trash Trailer Rental for the Eagleford Shale